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Water in the Desert

Glass of water Where do you get a drink of water? From a tap or a bottle or a drinking fountain?

When Moses was leading the people away from Egypt to the promised land, they travelled through a hot, dry, desert.

There was no rain and no water. The people complained because they were thirsty.

Moses asked God for help. God told Moses to strike a rock. When he did, water came out and there was enough for the people to drink.

God was with them all along the journey.

We can always ask God for help.

Precious Water

We use water in all sorts of ways - drinking, washing, flushing the toilet, growing plants - and many more.

Climate change means some places have very little water while others have too much. Too much water can mean it becomes undrinkable.

Flooding in the City of Worcester

World water Day is on 22nd March. It supports tree planting and sanitation projects across the world.

Everyone needs water to survive.

Everyone can help by not wasting water.

What will you do to help?

Where does water keep its money?


In the riverbank!

Knock, knock

Who's there?


Water who

Water you doing here?

Look Out

East Molesey: Alight 6th and 20th March 3.30-4.30pm

Sunbury: Aloud 6th and 20th March 7.00-8.00pm

Sunbury: SundayKidzClub 8th March 3.30pm

Hanworth: Hangout Sunday 8th March 5.30-7.00pm

Teddington: All Age worship 8th March 10.30am

East Molesey: All Age worship 5th April 10.30am


Jack Odell, inventor and engineer, was born 100 years ago.

His famous invention was a matchbox sized toy, a metal model usually a car or van.


His first model was a road roller made for his daughter so she could take it to school in her pocket. Then he made a model of the coronation coach.

By the 1960's it was the biggest selling toy car brand, selling over 1m toys each year.

Today Matchbox has joined with Hot Wheels and children still play with model cars, trucks and vans.

Do you have a model car?

Which tap?

There are three taps with hoses connected to them. Which tap must I turn on to get water out of nozzle 1, which for nozzle 2 and which for nozzle 3?

Trace the taps

Where does it go?

Answer below.

Drink Mat

Here's a simple idea you could make as a gift - maybe for Mother's Day.

What you need

What you need for Drink Mat
  • thick card about 11cm square
  • old CD
  • PVA glue
  • brush or spreader
  • scissors
  • felt or other fabric
  • coloured lolly sticks
  • magazine picture
  • sticky back plastic

What you do


Drink Mat step 1

Spread glue onto the card making sure it coats everywhere especially the corners.

Cover the back of the mat using a piece of material larger than the card, cover the card. Trim any excess material using the card as a guide.


Drink Mat step 2

Turn over and coat with glue making sure the glue spreads into the corners.

Carefully line up the first lolly stick, then stick on the rest until covered.

Coat with a layer of glue for protection.


Drink Mat step 3

With the CD spread glue on one side and cover with material slightly bigger than the CD. Trim the excess.


Drink Mat step 4

Select a picture and roughly cut to size.

Cover the top side of the CD with glue, Turn the picture over and stick the glued side of the CD to the paper.

Smooth before trimming the extra paper.


Drink Mat step 5

When the picture has dried, cover with a piece of sticky back plastic.

Smooth before trimming the extra.


Drink Mat step 6

Serve with a mug of tea!

Which tap answers

Tap a is connected to nozzle 2; tap b is connected to nozzle 3 and tap c is connected to nozzle 1.

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