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One Two Three

Have you seen a painting of someone's face where you see each side of the face and as well as the front?

They look sort of different in each view but they are one and the same person.

Charles I in Three Positions (1635-36), a triple portrait of Charles I by Anthony van Dyck

No-one quite knows what God is like, but we have three different views when we think of God as creator, as Jesus and as the Holy Spirit.

How do you imagine God?

Field of Cloth of Gold

A huge painting of party held in France celebrates a meeting 500 years ago.

It looks like a carnival or a festival, with a parade, a flying dragon, fancy tents, a temporary palace and outdoor kitchens.

Over 18 days, there was jousting, wrestling, banquets and a wine fountain as King Henry VIII of England and Queen Catherine met for talks with the French King Francis II in a field not far from Calais.

The tents were made of expensive silk and gold material to impress the kings and their courts. There was so much of it that the event became known as "The Field of Cloth of Gold".

Field of the Cloth of Gold


Tree Knock, knock

Who's there?


Three who?

Three surgeon!

Complete the trio

Can you name the missing member?

rock paper ???
stop drop ???
snap crackle ???
bacon lettuce ???
gold silver ???
Mike Sully ???
Wendy Michael ???
Harry Hermione ???
gold frankincense ???
red amber ???

Answers below.

Look Out

Here's the winner in May's Art Extravaganza.

The good shepherd

This month we challenge you to create an art work about the 12 Disciples. It could be a portrait or landscape, in paint or pencil, a collage or sculpture. It can be as big or small as you like. You could even try giant art using your patio or lawn as the canvas.

Take a photo of your finished masterpiece and send the image to us at take 5

3 Pairs of Legs

Which minibeasts have 3 pairs of legs? Insects!

There are over 24,00 insect species in the UK including our favourite beetles, bees and butterflies.

Florence Nightingale

Some insects are good crop pollinators and are important for our fruit and veg.

June is an ideal time to celebrate these creepy crawlies by going on an insect hunt.

Insect Week is 22-28th June. How many different insects you can spot?

Three Wheels

Can you ride a bike? What about a tricycle?

Stefan Farffler on his tricycle It's about 340 years since the first tricycle was invented. It was a three wheeler and had a hand crank to turn the wheels. It belonged to Stefn Farffler who was unable to walk.

About 100 years later a tricycle with pedals was invented. This led to a variety of different designs and wheel sizes, before finally settling for a small wheel at the front and 2 large ones at the rear. It was more stable than a bicycle.

Child's tricycle By Victorian times there were more tricycles than bicycles. Even the Queen owned two - but she didn't ride either of them!

Today there are still lots of tricycles about - for children, grown ups, for carrying goods. You might have seen them racing in the Olympics.

Mini triangular jam puffs

A tasty three-sided treat!

What you need

What you need for Mini triangular jam puffs
  • baking tray and baking paper
  • knife
  • fork
  • pastry brush
  • tea spoons
  • 8cm square card template

1 Ingredients

Ingredients for Mini triangular jam puffs
  • ready roll puff pastry
  • a little water
  • jam
  • beaten egg or milk
  • sugar


Mini triangular jam puffs step 2

Unroll the pastry. Lay the template on the corner of pastry. Cut around the edge to give a square. Cut 6-8 squares.

Tip: It's easier to unroll the pastry after about 10 minutes at room temperature.


Mini triangular jam puffs step 3

Cut three small lines near one corner to let the steam out when the pastry is cooking.

Place a half teaspoon of jam towards the corner opposite the lines.


Mini triangular jam puffs step 4

Dip your finger in the water and run it round the edge of the pastry square.


Mini triangular jam puffs step 5

Cover the jam by folding the pastry in half diagonally and matching the triangle points.

Crimp the edges together with the fork.

Place on the baking sheet.


Mini triangular jam puffs step 6

Brush with egg and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake in a hot oven 200°C for about 12 minutes until golden brown.


Mini triangular jam puffs step 7

Allow to cool before sharing your jammy triangles.

Complete the trio answers

rock    paper   scissors    (game)
stop    drop   roll    (what to do if clothes catch fire)
snap    crackle   pop    (breakfast cereal)
bacon    lettuce   tomato    (sandwich filling)
gold    silver   bronze    (medal table)
Mike    Sully   Boo    (Monsters Inc)
Wendy    Michael   John    (Darling children)
Harry    Hermione   Ron    (Hogwarts friends)
gold    frankincense   myrrh    (gifts from wise men)
red    amber   green    (traffic lights)

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