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Will it grow?

Did you sow any seeds this year?

Did you hope they would grow into a flowers? or vegetables? or even a tree?

Germinating seeds

Jesus loved seeds and told stories about them to help people understand what God's kingdom was like.

A farmer scattered seeds all over the ground hoping they would grow. Some didn't because the ground was too hard, because there wasn't enough water, because the weeds grew faster or because the birds enjoyed them.

But the seed in the best earth grew into a bumper crop.

As the farmer hoped, this seed grew ripe and ready for harvest!

Harvest Prayer

Happy Harvest

Autumn air

Ripe and ready

Harvest table Veggies and fruit


Sunshine and showers

Thank you

Planet's Suite

Gustav Holst wrote music for 7 planets. Can you tell which picture matches which planet?

Which planet is which

  1. Jupiter
  2. Mars
  3. Mercury
  4. Neptune
  5. Saturn
  6. Uranus
  7. Venus

Answer below.

Look Out

Hanworth: Youth Club Fridays 4.30pm

East Molesey: Alight 7th and 21st September 4.30-5.30pm

Sunbury: Aloud 7th and 21st September 7.00-8.00pm

Sunbury: Still Louder 7th and 21st September 8.00-9.00pm

Hampton: All Age Worship 9th September 10.30am

Teddington: All Age & Parade for Harvest 23rd September 9.30am

East Molesey: All Age and Parade for Harvest 23rd September 10.30am

Sunbury: All Age and Parade for Harvest 23rd September 10.30am

Hanworth: Harvest 30th September 11.00am

Hampton: Harvest Breakfast 7th October 9.15am

All We Can

If you only had a small amount of electricity what you use it for? Lights when it goes dark? Charging a mobile phone?

Solar panel

In sunny countries like Malawi in central Africa, the sun's energy is being turned into electricity.

The charity 'All We Can' is helping farmers to use solar energy. Just a little of the electricity made by the sunlight can pump rainwater so that it trickles onto plant roots in community gardens.

Instead of a poor harvest, families have fruit and vegetables to eat and enough to sell too.

A little change brings a lot of hope.

The Planets

Do you have a favourite planet?

Gustav Holst wrote some short musical pieces named after seven planets. He composed six pieces to be played on two pianos while the seventh was played on the organ.

Today the music is played by orchestras. It's 100 years since an orchestra first played all seven pieces together in a concert, at The Queens Hall in London with a choir of girls from the school where Holst taught. The audience were specially invited.

The Planets' is now a well know piece of music. The music for the planet Jupiter is even used as the tune to a hymn: 'I vow to thee my country'.

Saturn - the bringer of old age Holst's favourite piece was Saturn. Have you heard 'The Planets'?

Mortarboard against a background of stars Where do planets go to study?


Lightbulb Why did the gardener plant a light bulb?

To grow a power plant!

Solar oven

Make a solar oven and use sunlight to heat food.

What you need

What you need for Solar oven
  • Box with lid eg shoe box or pizza box
  • scissors
  • spoon
  • sellotape
  • aluminium foil
  • cling wrap
  • bowl
  • chocolate
  • fruit pieces or raisins or marshmallows
  • sunshine
  • patience

What you do


Solar oven step 1

Cover the inside of the box and lid with foil.


Solar oven step 2

Break up the chocolate and place in a bowl.

Place the bowl in the box.


Solar oven step 3

Cover the open top of the box with cling wrap.

Place outdoors in direct sunlight.

Prop the lid open to reflect sunshine.

Tip: Around midday, when the sun is strongest is the best time.


Solar oven step 4

Patiently wait until the sun has melted the chocolate.

Tip: Stir with a spoon to tell whether it has melted or not.

Tip: The bowl can get hot, use oven gloves to take the bowl out of the oven.


Solar oven step 5

Dip the fruit pieces or marshmallows in the chocolate or mix in raisins.

Enjoy the taste of sun melted chocolate.

Which planet answers

Holst's music mentions these planets.

Which planet answers

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