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100 sheep

Here's a story Jesus told: a shepherd had 100 sheep. One went missing.

Sheep lost on the hillside

The shepherd left the flock to look after themselves and went to find the missing sheep.

When he found the sheep the shepherd told his friends and neighbours all about it. He invited them to celebrate because the sheep was safe and he was so happy.

If you lost something special would you be happy to find it again?

Anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying week is 12-16th November. It's a great way to take a stand by being kind.

The campaign believes every child should feel secure and be allowed the chance to grow in safety.

Bullying can have a big impact. Think twice about what you say, being mean can hurt deeply.

Choose kindness Choose kindness. Choose respect.

Sheep What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?

A woolly jumper!

Bell Doctor, Doctor

I feel like a bell.

Give me a ring tomorrow!

Number Sudoku

Fill in the blanks with numbers so that each number only appears once in each row, each column and each rectangle.

Number Sudoku

Answers below.

Look Out

Hanworth: Youth Club Fridays in term time 4.30pm

Sunbury: Aloud 9th and 23rd November 7.00-8.00pm

Sunbury: Still Louder 9th and 23rd November 8.00-9.00pm

Hampton: All Age Service 11th November 10.30am

Sunbury: SundayKidzClub 11th November 3.30pm

East Molesey: Alight 16th November 4.30-5.30pm

Hampton: Gospel Illusions 17th November

Hampton: Breakfast Service 2nd December 9.15am

Sunbury: All Age 2nd December 10.30am

Hanworth: Toy Service 2nd December 11.00am

Top 100's

100 Space begins 100km above the earth

Usain Bolt holds the record for running the fastest 100m

100p in 1

Rip van Winkle slept for 100 years

There are 100 zeros in 1 googol

Winnie the Pooh live in 100 acre wood

100 year war between England and France lasted longer than 100 years!

The world's longest car is 100 feet long - it has 26 wheels

Water boils at 100°C

There are 100 letter tiles in a Scrabble game

Remembrance 100

One hundred days before the end of World War I in 1918, George V called for a national day of prayer.

One hundred years later, the country comes together, to remember and give thanks for the service men and their family and friends whose lives were changed forever by the war. We bring our prayers for peace and look forward with hope.

In a special parade at The Cenotaph in London, ordinary people will express the thanks of the nation and pay their respects.

Pipers and buglers will play.

Listen out for church bells in the evening as they ring for peace across the country.

Church bell at St Helen Witton Belfry


Abacus have been around for at least 3000 years. They are a great way of doing sums. Try counting 100 on it.

What you need

What you need for Abacus
  • small cardboard box
  • beads
  • kebab sticks or string
  • scissors
  • drawing pin
  • Sellotape
  • paper and glue or paint

What you do


Abacus step 1

Cut off the front of the box.

Glue or Sellotape the corners to make sure the sides hold together.


Abacus step 2

Either paint or cover both sides of the box.


Abacus step 3

Make a small hole with a drawing pin near top in centre of side.

Push a stick through the hole into the box.

Tip: make sure there is enough room for your fingers above the stick.

Tip: It's easier if you twist the stick as you push.


Abacus step 4

Use the pin to make another hole same height on opposite side.

Thread 10 beads on the stick - and then push stick through the other guide hole.

Tip: Use 5 beads of two different colours - it's quicker to count in 5's.


Abacus step 5

Trim both ends of the stick, leaving enough so the stick stays in place.


Abacus step 6

Do the same with 2 other sticks.

Now try out a few numbers.

Can you guess what number is in the picture?


Number Sudoku answers

Number Sudoku answers

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